We are recognized internationally as the leading premium office paper brand.

And it’s all thanks to you and all the people from 110 countries across 5 continents that have chosen our paper to print a report, a contract, a letter, a presentation, or a piece of their life.

That’s why, more than a paper brand, we want to be the blank white sheet of paper where you can put down your story, your work, or your innermost secret thoughts.

We’re seriously committed to you, your success, your life, and to always giving you the best, high-quality printing results.

Print whatever you need wherever you can

Navigator paper performs with all office equipment. Whatever the document type, you always get the same quality results. Whether inkjet, copier or laser, in color or black & white, we ensure premium-quality printing results.

Save time and money

Navigator is on average 1/3 smoother than most office papers which reduces abrasiveness and improves toner adhesion and ink absorption. This way you get:

Less time solving paper jams or processing errors. 99.99% paper jam free*

Increased production speed

More print sheets with the same cartridge

A longer lifetime for office equipment

Lower maintenance costs (fewer replacements for machine parts)

Lower cost per printed page

High impact and professional-looking printed documents

Print any type of document you want on Navigator extra white and ultra-bright paper and you’ll always get superior printing results.

Navigator is one of the whitest office papers available on the market, which makes it especially suitable for color printing with more vivid colors, intense blacks and sharp images.

Need duplex printing? No problem. Navigator’s superior opacity also makes it ideal for double-sided printing, even in color.

Quality & Environment

Choose Navigator and you’ll get the best paper that R&D and state-of-the-art production equipment can produce.

Sustainable Process

Our paper is produced through a sustainable circular and integrated process that begins in the forest, followed by having Navigator paper in your hands, and continues to a cycle of paper making through recycling.

Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus globulus is the only raw material we use to produce our paper. It’s the secret to our unique performance.

Sustainable Managed Forests

We only use Eucalyptus globulus trees from sustainable managed forests. 

We are also proud of being part of the industry that plants the most trees in Portugal and contributes towards the sustainability of Portugal’s forests.

Credentials & Certifications

The consolidation of a Leader.

Ecolabel is an environmental certification for products that guarantees low environmental impact during its life cycle.

By using the best quality fibers – Eucalyptus globulus – Navigator guarantees optimum paper characteristics for digital printing.

The Navigator Company’s forest management model is certified.

Our quality is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

The BLI seal certifies that a product has successfully completed demanding quality tests.

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